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Healthy Facts
What you didn’t know about the humble onion

To look at an onion you would never know how many nutritional secrets are hiding inside each layer of deliciousness. Did you know that the humble onion contains more rich vitamins, minerals and nutrients than most fruits and vegetables combined? Talk about a super food!

Onions are comprised of a special flavonoid called quercetin, a type of antioxidant that which helps eliminate free radicals in the body. Common sources of quercetin are tea and apples, but research shows that absorption of quercetin from onions is twice that from tea and more than three times that from apples. Who knew?!
According to the National Onion Association, Studies have shown quercetin to have beneficial effects in fighting against several diseases and disorders.

And if that wasn’t reason enough, the consumption of one serving of onion a day can reduce cholesterol, and improve bone density. They are a naturally occurring source of vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber and folic acid. The humble onion can even boast a high-protein, no-fat, low sodium, iron enriched existence.

The onion. 45 calories of perfection. I guess it really does have layers!
How to Pick an Onion

There are three fail proof steps to selecting your onions…

First: Use your eyes. Check out the skin. Look for a dry outer skin that is free from spots and blemishes.

Second: Go ahead…pick it up. The onion should be pretty heavy for its size.

Third: Give it a sniff. Does it smell? A good onion should have no scent until it is cut.

Storing your Onions

There are a lot of “expert ideas” on the storing of onions. We like the following method.

Keep your whole onions in a cool, dry, dark and ventilated place like a pantry, closet or cold storage area. Take note that sweet onions have a shorter shelf life than other onions, so use sweets sooner rather than later. Do not keep your whole onions in a refrigerator or in a plastic bag. Lack of air movement reduces storage life.

Chopped or sliced onions can be stored in a sealed container in your refrigerator for up to seven days.
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