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Let’s Face it. We know onions. We love onions. From dirt to delivery, it’s all about the onions. And we’re not just talking any old onions. We mean the crisp, flavorful taste of a Utah Onions onion. There are five kinds to satisfy any of your needs, and by satisfy we mean, blow your socks off with unmatched taste, quality, value and speed of delivery. Like we said, we know a thing or two about onions.
Yellow Storage Onions

Our beautiful Yellow Storage Onions are full-flavored and well-rounded with a mild finish. The yellow onion is the go-to vegetable, and a reliable stand-by in cooking most any dish. Our yellows are also perfect for commercial applications like onion blooms. The yellows have a brown paper skin and white center.
Red Onions

Our Red is a reds-red! Its bright exterior and extremely sweet taste make it perfect for showing its colors and adding a punch of flavor to burgers, salads or to just eat plain! The taste is so appetizing, you can actually eat it raw. The reds have a deep purple paper skin and a red & white interior.
White Onions

Our White Onion is a spicy little number. Its zesty, tangy taste makes it the perfect onion for Mexican cuisine. Toss it in a salsa or taco salad. It is also the onion of choice for the ever-popular onion ring. Can you say yum? White onions have a pure white paper skin with a slightly cream-colored inside.
Sweet Onions

How sweet it really is! Our mild Sweet Onions are tame when it comes to pungency, but wild when it comes to their candy-like taste. It’s the perfect complement to any culinary exploration. Whether raw or cooked, our sweets are the perfect way to sweeten up any meal.
Organic Onions

New to the Utah Onions family are our delicious Organic Onions. Available in yellow, red, white and sweet, our new organic onions comply with the strict organic standards set forth by the USDA. Going green has never tasted so good.
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