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At Utah Onions, Inc. your goal is our goal. Your needs are our needs. We are a one-stop-onion-shop, providing services to you from dirt-to-delivery with one objective in mind…exceeding your expectations. Because your business goals are so important to us, we have spent years vertically integrating our company to better serve you.
Our Growers

Our growers also understand your business needs. That’s why each location is committed to growing the highest of quality onions on the market. Delicious onions that are rich in flavor, beautiful to look at and sized to perfection.
Our Safety Standards

Because we are a family of growers, our standards for quality and safety are exceedingly high. Each year we participate in an AIB-International GMP audit. The audit evaluates and critiques our food safety programs, management systems, pest control programs, operational methods and personnel practices, maintenance for food safety, and cleaning practices. Utah Onions, Inc. has participated in independent audits since 2002, and has achieved the highly coveted SUPERIOR rating each year. Each of our locations surpasses the compliance standards set forth by the AIB and USDA.
Our Locations

Currently we have four locations in the Northwest. Hartley’s Produce located in Prosser, Washington, Oregon Trail Produce located in Nyssa, Oregon, Organic Grower, located in Granger, Washington and Utah Onions, Inc. located in Syracuse and Corinne, Utah. That’s over 3900 acres producing approximately 4,000,000 bags of onions each year.

Record numbers of yellows, reds, whites and sweets each season. What does that mean to you? It means ample supply of delicious, high-quality onions 12 months out of the year. Quality, safety and supply? What could be better? How about guaranteed delivery.
Growth and Expansion

Our farm in Prosser Washington is now the proud owner of a brand new packing shed measuring just over 100,000 sq ft. It's a sight to behold! We incorporated the latest energy-saving technologies including power-saving motors and solar-designed windows. Another new storage shed was also brought online recently at our Corinne, Utah farm.

Whether it's as grand as our giant shed windows which maximize energy-efficieny by utilizing the sun's natural heat, or as simple as the use of conservation technologies to mitigate wind and water erosion, our energy, land management, and sustainability decisions are made with the next generations in mind.

Demand for organics is always growing as consumers embrace a healthier lifestyle. We now grow organics in all colors and sizes.
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